Oran Park 1

Oran Park Town is now a vibrant work in progress. The dream of a town built for the future, eventually home to 25,000 residents living a modern lifestyle, incorporating the latest in home design and sustainability, is becoming a reality.

Oran Park is fast becoming a community like no other in the south west of Sydney and will offer the benefits of contemporary amenities with both mall and main shopping, civic facilities complemented by a town square that  will be the energy source of this new community.
A place for the whole community to enjoy

Oran Park Town has been carefully master-planned to maximise lifestyle and family activities with plenty of open spaces such as parks, playgrounds and sports fields as well as a town square including:

  •     43 hectares of open space
  •     12 children's playground, local parks and recreation areas
  •     Plenty of sports fields and reserves to cater for soccer, rugby and cricket
  •     40 hectares of re-vegetated riparian corridor area
  •     Water features with walking tracks, viewing decks and boardwalks
  •     9km of cycle ways within open space
  •     22km off road local cycle ways (within road reserve footpath area)


    Oran Park Anglican College (K-12)
    Oran Park Public School (K-6)
    Further provision has been made for another K-12 private/independent school as well as one K-6 public school


    There will be up to 50,000m2 of retail space in the shopping centre. This will grow to include two supermarkets, specialty shops, food outlets, cafes, restuarants and discount department stores. Stage 1 of the retail precinct is now open.

Town Centre

At the hub of the community will be a vibrant town centre that caters for residents of all ages, day and night. From a huge variety of food and specialty shops, restaurants, and department stores, to leisure and recreational facilities, civic buildings, apartments and offices. Oran Park Town centre will always be an enjoyable hive of activity, drawing residents together, building a lifestyle that is inclusive and friendly.

    Leisure centre with pool
    Medical centre
    Civic buildings
    Emergency services
    Indoor shopping and retail strips
    Cafes and restaurants

Oran Park 2

Regeneration of streams and setting aside of surrounding land, allows nature to flourish in riparian corridors that meander throughout Oran Park Town.

Clever storm water management and water sensitive urban design carefully filters road water for minimum impact on the environment.

A walkable town, with pedestrian friendly streets and cycle ways reduces reliance on cars, reducing emissions.

Landscaping which is sympathetic to the local environment reduces water consumption and promotes longevity of plants and trees.

Brand new homes with the latest designs help to reduce energy needs due to clever sun orientation, insulation and other design initiatives.