Minto One 1

The Vision

“To provide a safe, vibrant sense of place and community in Minto”

The vision for Minto One is to provide a safe, vibrant sense of place and community in Minto.

This will to be achieved through :
• changing the mix of residents to a more sustainable public / private mix with better integration into the surrounding suburbs;

• assist in strengthening the sense of place and fostering community identity for Minto’s existing and future residents;

Minto One 2

• improving the quality of local infrastructure, public open space areas and local community facilities in a pedestrian friendly environments that assist in achieving ESD principles;

• developing a built form which will enhance the visual environment and create a unique character for the development;

• creating a physical environment which encourages a vibrant local community with a distinctive and memorable neighbourhood character;

Minto One 4

• enhancing the different characteristics of areas of the site and responds to the natural topography and character;

The design will also incorporate a network of linked community open spaces that will accommodate a variety of open space facilities suchas active and passive parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities, a community building and integrated landscaped storm water treatment areas.

Minto One 3