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Everything at your fingertips.

Add your touch. Edmondson Park isn’t just a suburb, it’s a brand new town with a village feel, its own train station, 150 hectares of parklands and a wide range of living options for every stage of life.

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Edmondson Park will be the first new town in South West Sydney to have its own train station. You can leave your car in the garage and catch the train to work, your kids have easy access to schools and entertainment and the city is just 50 minutes away.

If you want to stay closer to home, you can relax in Edmondson Park’s town centre.

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Your café will be a place to meet your neighbours and your kids will make lifelong friends in the parks dotted around your home.

At Edmondson Park you can also add your unique touch by building the home that suits you. There will be trendy apartments close to your station, Metro lots for growing families and Village blocks with enough room for even the keenest gardener.

You could say Edmondson Park is a like blank canvas, just waiting for you and your family to add your touch.

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