How We Manage Your Property

How We Manage Your Property

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We look for the most appropriate tenant for the property and to do so, we implement our marketing strategy. Our office too attracts a large number of prospective tenants.

At Linkers Real Estate, our job is to get the most appropriate and suitable tenant for the property. We follow simple guidelines such as:

  • Employment stability
  • Adequate rental history
  • Cooperative personality

Once an appropriate tenant has been confirmed for the property, we will arrange the signing of the Residential Tenancy Agreement and lodgment of Rental Bond. We will also organise the transfer of all keys.

Before the signing of the Residential Tenancy Agreement, a careful report of the property will be conducted.

Paying rent is very easy for our tenants. Our office is available to pay rent or even the bank transfer and internet transfer.

We are always able to print out a report for any tenant who is behind their rent. We make sure these tenants are contacted on a regular basis. Those who do not respond to phone calls, emails, or reminder letters, are then handed a warning letter. They could potentially be served with a Termination Notice which enables them to vacate the property within 14 days. If a warning letter does not bring solutions, we will contact the landlord to discuss the matter at hand.

We take the management of each one of our properties very seriously. We understand the importance of inspections during the duration of the tenancy. Our routine inspections for each property is conducted once every 6 months, unless we or the landlord feels the need to conduct further inspections. This is all included in our management fees. After each inspection, we will send you an inspection report stating the condition of the property.

From the rent that is collected on your behalf, we are able to arrange payment of any legal accounts you have indicated in the Managing Agency Agreement.

On a regular basis, we assess the rental income of your property. If we notice that the rent could be increased or is below market value, we will then inform you.

It is the duty of our Property Managers to ensure the tenant understands their requirements under the Tenancy Agreement. We manage the tenant for you which ensures that the terms from the Tenancy Agreement are complied with.

Each month we prepare a rent statement where it allows you to be up to date with all rental matters such as collection, rent period etc.

We understand that disputes between tenant and landlord occur. We act in a professional manner to ensure a solution is met. If after communication and having meetings with both parties, a solution is not met, often the Residential Tenancy Tribunal hearing will occur. We as the agent, represent the landlord at the hearing, preparing the case from start to finish.

Our office issues an Annual Financial Statement at the end of July. This gives a summary of expenditures, income of the financial year.

We believe that property communication is always the key. Any enquires; we can be reached via our office location, office telephone numbers, emails, or even visiting our website.